The Rome City Schools Board of Education approved its 2017-18 and 2018-19 calendars on Tuesday night.

The board announced that the first day of school for 2017 will be July 28th.  Fall break will run from October 2 though the 6th.  Thanksgiving break will last from November 20th until the 24th.  Schools will go on winter break from December 19th though January 1st.   Spring break will run from March 26th though the 30th.  The final day of classes will be on May 18th.

For the following school year, classes will begin on August 3rd.  Fall break will run from October 1 though the 5th.  Thanksgiving break will be November 19th though the 23rd.  Winter break will be December 24th though January 4th.  Spring break will run from March 25th though the 29th. The last day of school will be May 24th.

The school system took a poll and decided to push the 2017-18 school year start date back a week, thus pushing the end date back a week as well.

The system also announced that its ELOST collections dropped in February.  The system collected $388,769, which was $45,231 less than expected.

Since the start of the ELOST the system has collected $14,463,569, which is $292,431 less than expected.