I love college football more than any other sport. That’s pretty obvious if you know anything about me.

However, my favorite sporting event in the world is the NCAA’s March Madness tournament.

In college football, the NBA, MLB or NFL there are about 4 teams you can pinpoint as the favorite to walk away with their sports most prestigious trophy.  Yes, I know there are exceptions, here’s looking at you Cubbies, but for the most part it’s a given.

The tournament gives fans 72 teams that fight it out in a month long battle to determine who the kings of the court are.  Yes, we all know that its not an equal chance for all 72 teams.. here’s looking at you Jacksonville State.

I would honestly say there are a legitimate 15-20 teams that can win the entire thing. That’s impressive being most entire sports leagues have just a small amount of teams over that number.

Let’s not fail to mention it is one of the most fun things in the world to fill out a bracket.  People that care less about college basketball November –February start to watch the game come March.

This thing really does have it all for sports fans. The Cinderella stories, the upsets, the shock factor and just fun games to watch.  Rarely do you see a blowout in any of its games. You can’t say that about any other  playoff.

So now that it is down to the Sweet 16, I’m gonna give you a little advice and prediction,  just for fun of course. I f you decide to take this to Vegas, that’s on you my friend.

Oregon over Michigan, Gonzaga over West Virginia, Kansas over Perdue, Arizona over Xavier, North Carolina over Butler, South Carolina over Baylor, Kentucky over UCLA and Florida over Wisconin.

You may have noticed I have 3 Southeastern Conference teams in the Elite 8. I’ve said this all year, the football schools get zero, none, zip, noda in the respect column from the national gurus.  That’s a shame.  Being a Georgia fan I watch these teams all year show why they have superior athletes.

Heck, just look at the past decade for National Champions.  The SEC has won 3 in the past decade. The mighty ACC has also only won three.  People like to say, well the SEC is top heavy. Well, only Duke, UNC and Louisville have won titles for the golden league. That only leaves UCONN who won it twice and Nova last year to round out the decade.  The  SEC in my opinion has earned much more respect than they are given.

Finally, word this week is that Tim Tebow will come in with the Mets single A team and play a series against the Rome Braves.  It will be interesting to see how many people in the stands show up wearing Rome Braves South Atlantic League Championship shirts or Florida Gator shirts.

One guarantee from me, I won’t be wearing either.

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