Students and faculty tangled on the soccer field at Coosa High School on the afternoon before spring break but it was not because the students were too hyped in anticipation of the break.  The teachers and students played a soccer game to help a senior at Coosa. The second annual Fernando Cup student vs faculty soccer match was played today at 12:20 p.m. at Coosa High School.
The game was started last year as a benefit for Guzman who has battled cancer.  The young soccer enthusiast has lost his left arm and left leg in his struggle with the disease.  Guzman was also honored recently with an ACE Award by the Exchange Club of Rome for his courage in overcoming adversity.
Students and staff poured into the school stadium Thursday afternoon to support Fernando. Ticket sales for the match netted $1,600 for the Fernando Scholarship Fund.
The event also included an added surprise for students as the man they know as Mr. Parker returned from active duty in the middle east on vacation leave to participate in the match.  Chris Parker is better known to people around the world as Major Christopher Parker, spokesman for the armed forces coalition in Iraq.  He has been featured in international news stories about the conflict in the middle east. 
The soccer game ended regulation tied at 2-2.  The student team won the match in the overtime shootout.