Chattooga County Deputies were called to a report of a burglary on Highway 114 in Lyerly on Saturday.

The complainant said that sometime between five in the morning and 7:30 PM on Saturday someone forced their way into the woman’s residence.

The complainant said that when she arrived home, she found the front door to the residence standing open.  She said that the back door was forced open and the bolt used to secure the door had been broken.

The woman said whoever had broken into her home had thrown up on the kitchen floor and rummaged through some bags of clothes.

She said the only thing she knew was stolen was a silver I-pad that was in the living room on the entertainment center.

The smoke detector and the thermostat had been pulled from the wall and the burglar had left a flashlight on the counter.

The investigation is ongoing into the burglary.

From AM 1180