Emery Tejada-Wandique,33 of Cartersville, was booked into theBartow County Jail Monday on numerous charges including invading a home in Kingston and threatening the resident.

Reports stated that the incident occurred back on January 13th of this year. A second incident occurred on February 8th.

He is charged with two counts of terroristic threats and acts, two counts of aggravated assault, home invasion in the first degree, false imprisonment, possession of a weapon during commission of a crime, aggravated assault, kidnapping, exploitation of an elder person, burglary, and armed robbery.

He is also charged with illegal re-entry into the United States. Tejada-Wandique is a citizen of Honduras. There is no further information at this time.

U.S. Marshals arrested Tejada-Wandique at a construction site in Carolina Beach North Carolina on February 16th.