Valentine’s Day on a Dime

Valentine’s Day can be expensive when you add up the chocolates, gifts, and going out to eat for dinner. But it doesn’t have to be if you’re willing to get creative. Here are some ideas to keep you from spending too much and still enjoy your Valentine’s Day.

  1. Movie night at home. Bring home take-out, rent a movie, and spend an inexpensive night “in”.
  2. More date night ideas at home.Here are some great ideasthat won’t cost much, but can make hanging out at home fun.
  3. Picnic under the stars. Pack some food, blankets, and maybe some hot chocolate.
  4. Here are a few inexpensive gift ideas forhim.
  5. Share a gift. If you and your significant other can find something you both enjoy, joining forces and just buying one gift will save some money and you’ll end up having something you both love.
  6. Change the date. February 14 comes with long lines at restaurants and expensive flowers. If you wait until the weekend to celebrate, you’ll lose the crowds and maybe find a deal on a gift!