On January 5, 2017 the Medical Association of Georgia Foundation, Inc. awarded the Rome Police Department a grant for the “Think About It” campaign through Project Deaths Avoided by Naloxone (DAN). The funds received from the grant were used to purchase Naloxone kits and comes as a result of and in conjunction with House Bill 965, the Georgia 9-1-1 Medical Amnesty Law.


Project DAN (Deaths Avoided by Naloxone) has two principle initiatives:


  1. Initiate overdose response programs by training First Responders in overdose rescue, providing them with Naloxone nasal spray kits, an antidote to opioid overdose.


  1. Reduce incidence of drug abuse by promoting the development of community programs to increase awareness of drug abuse.


The grant has allowed the Rome Police Department to purchase Naloxone kits also known as NARCAN nasal spray. Officers within the department will be trained when to use the spray and how to properly deploy it. Over the next few weeks, departmental policy will be established and officers will be issued the NARCAN to have available while on patrol.


“The State of Georgia and the country as a whole are currently experiencing an opioid abuse epidemic. In the fight against this trend, Naloxone has come to be considered an important and life-saving tool in treating opioid overdoses. We are now building upon our previous efforts to expand access to Naloxone for first responders and others who regularly encounter overdoses as they are occurring by placing this tool in the hands of Georgians….” (as quoted from the article Deal expands access to emergency tool to parents to help fight opioid epidemic)