Richard Jackson Thomason, 57 of Lindale, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for stealing from his elderly 81 year-old mother.

He must also serve 10 years on probation when released.

Reports said that Thomason stole from his mother in order to pay for drugs.  Authorities said that he stole from her checking account numerous times before being kicked out of the home. They added that after he was kicked out of the home he broke into the house and stole her jewelry and tools.

Investigators said that Thomason’s daughter became suspicious after taking over as power of attorney.

A jury found him guilty of felony burglary and exploitation of an elderly person. He was also found guilty of misdemeanor theft by taking.


Richard Jackson Thomason, 57 of Lindale,   was arrested this week after writing a check on a closed account of an elderly woman.

Reports stated that Thomason write a check for over $500 to the Family Dollar on North Broad back on October 17th of this year.

Reports added that when deputies spotted Thomason this week he attempted to run.  Deputies stated that Thomason ran inside a home and then attempted to exit through a window.  After deputies entered the home they stated they found Thomason hiding in a closet.

Thomason is charged with exploitation of an elderly woman and two counts of obstruction of law enforcement.