Floyd County 911 announced that they have new technology to assist with locating callers who need response from Police, Fire or EMS.  “Determining Location is the most important part of a 911 call.  We typically receive location information from the phone and from the caller, and we ensure that all of the location information corresponds.  Our new technology is Caller Location Query (CLQ) and is a feature of our CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) software” said officals.

Floyd County is the first 911 Center in the nation to implement this technology.

When a caller does not know their location or is unable to provide it, and the information we are receiving from cell towers is unavailable, inaccurate or conflicting, we are able to send a text to the cellphone.  That text will contain a web hyperlink.  If the caller presses the hyperlink, the GPS coordinates from the cellphone will be sent directly to Floyd County 911 and updated in our CAD for mapping.

This technology will not be used as a primary means of determining location, but rather will be used when 911 is unable to determine location through standard protocols.  There are some restrictions.  Your cell phone must have its location services activated.  911 Dispatchers will be able to provide general instructions for this, but we encourage everyone to ensure their location services are activated.