Members of the Etowah Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star visited Glenwood Primary to donate funds to help the school purchase a new Chromebook for Martha Broome’s kindergarten class.  The Chromebook will add to the resources available to the class to be used by children in their academic classwork.  
Brenda Payne, secretary of the Etowah Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star, said, “We heard of Glenwood’s efforts to get a Chromebook for each child in the school and we wanted to help.”  The group visited the kindergarten classroom to deliver the check to purchase the new Chromebook. 

Chloe Payne, a student in the class, was delighted with the possibility of getting another classroom Chromebook.  She said, “I want to use the Chromebook to learn new words!”

Payne added, “The Etowah Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star regularly donates to causes in the area around Christmas time and this year we wanted to add the Chromebook drive at Glenwood to our list of worthy community efforts.”