The City of Rome has had increased interest in yard waste services and would like to provide clarification on the yard waste services the city offers as well as availability of these services.


Residents have two options for yard waste pick-up; curbside pick-up for small debris and road side pick-up for large debris. For curbside pick-up, 95 gallon yard waste carts are serviced weekly to collect yard debris including grass clippings, weeds, pine straw, and small tree limbs.


Under normal circumstances, road side pick-up for larger debris is picked up once during a 4-week cycle. The 4-week collection cycle may be adjusted as needed for holidays.


Both yard waste carts and road side yard waste pick-up services are not available during holiday time frames to help ensure that all household garbage and recycling can be collected.


Large debris is defined as debris that will not fit into a yard cart, but is not to exceed 500 pounds or 4 cubic yards. Tree limbs should not exceed 8 feet in length or 200 pounds in weight.


Residential yard waste services are included in the monthly cost of residential solid waste services; however the city does not collect contractor materials. Lawn service companies are responsible to haul off yard waste.


For city residents who have questions related to City of Rome Yard Waste Collection or to request a 95 gallon yard waste cart for weekly curbside pick-up, contact City of Rome Solid Waste at 706-236-4580.