Top Ten Tips for Protecting Your Debit Card

Have you noticed all the fraud that seems to happening with debit cards in recent years? We sure have, so we have put together the top ten tips for protecting your debit card.

  1. Don’t share your debit card or your PIN.  Even with other individuals on your account.
  2. Use caution when making purchases online. Make sure the website isn’t a fraudulent website.
  3. Use caution with trial subscriptions.  Read the fine print.  Many trial subscriptions include an auto-renewal clause and your card will be charged a monthly fee.
  4. Keep your PIN in a safe location. Do not write your PIN on your card or keep it with your card.
  5. Report a lost or stolen card immediately. If you are a Coosa Valley Credit Union member, call the credit union during business hours to report. If after hours, call 800.500.1044.
  6. Keep your account information up-to-date so your financial institution can contact you regarding suspicious activity.  Most calls verifying suspicious activity will come from a fraud center or department.  They should not ask you for your full card number or your PIN.
  7. Monitor your account activity and report unauthorized charges as soon as possible.  Sign up for online banking alertsto alert you to unusual account activity. If you are a Coosa Valley Credit Union member, you can do this from E-banking by clicking on “Settings” then “Alerts.”
  8. Only use financial institution ATMs in well-lit areas and shield your PIN from others and cameras.
  9. Never give out your card information in response to phone or email requests.  Your financial institution should never call or email you to ask for your card information.
  10. Pay attention to the card reader at ATMs and gas pumps.  If something looks altered, do not use it.  Criminals can place skimmers on ATMs and gas pumps to obtain your card information.

Following these tips will help protect you and your money!