Gift wrapping is probably the forgotten expense of the holidays, but it can actually end up being a large expense if you let it. Anywhere from $5 to $12 per roll of beautiful wrapping to cover all of those gifts.

So, what can we do?

Creativity and resourcefulness is key. Here are a few tricks to keep the cost of wrapping to a minimum this year:

  • Newspaper – this one is a personal favorite. You can dress up your gift with the classifieds and finish it off with a festive ribbon.
  • Leftovers – have any extra scraps of fabric? Extra things lying around the house could turn into useful wrapping tools. Think yarn instead of buying fancy ribbon.
  • White or brown paper – you can find large rolls of this stuff at craft stores and decorate it yourself. Get the kids involved and let them color or paint the paper before you use it to wrap the gift. Or if you’d rather not paint the paper, put a picture on top of the gift to make the wrapping job more fun.
  • Glass jars or old boxes – clean out that jar of spaghetti sauce and fill it with your gift. Or find an old shoe box and decorate.

There are so many ways to avoid overspending this season. What are you doing to keep the cost down?