Fraud Prevention: Five Shopping Tips

It may be a rough time financially for some, but others are back to their usual buying, spending, and charging. shows the surprising 2009 increase in spending from 2008.

Before you venture out into the crazy world of holiday shopping, take a look at these tips to protect your wallet and help prevent fraud:

  1. If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be cautious.
  2. Shop online with trustworthy merchants who require security information like address verification and security codes located on your card.
  3. Review account activity online daily to be sure transactions are accurate.
  4. Be sure that receipts reflect the correct transaction amount before signing.
  5. When using a debit card, you may select ‘credit’ on the card machine, which requires a signature and extends theVISA zero liabilityto that transaction.

Enjoy your holiday shopping and don’t forget to stick to your budget!