Imagine learning about the operation of the human heart and being able to see a working model functioning in visual 3D in the classroom.  The possibility has gone from imagination to reality at Pepperell High School thanks to a Tech4Teachers grant the school has received from Vizitech USA.  The school has received a 3D AV Rover as part of the grant that will allow students to use the video projection system and special classes to experience video lessons in 3D.

“The immediate impact of this technology will be in science classes but there are limitless possibilities of how this technology tool will impact teaching and learning in all subject areas,” said Jamey Alcorn, principal of Pepperell High School.

The 3D AV Rover is produced by ViziTech USA and it combines 3D video technology with school curriculum to help bring the learning experience to life for students.  The portable video projection system works with 3D glasses the students wear to bring the subject to life in the classroom.  The unit is valued at $15,000 and was delivered to Pepperell High School on Monday, December 12, 2016, by Joe Hutcheson, director of professional development for Vizitech.

According to information from Vizitech, the 3D technology in the 3D AV Rover is different from the movie theater experience because the 3D movie at the theater is based on 3D on a 2D plane.  The AV Rover experience is considered Holoprojected 3D, meaning that the images are projected into the classroom and do not simply “jump out” from a screen.  The rover unit has 1,800 videos and interactives for a teacher to select from to match classroom lessons and custom content can also be produced.
Professional development training on the use of the rover will be held for Pepperell teachers in January.  The unit will initially be used in science and career technical classes and will later branch out into additional subject areas.