Floyd County police is investigating a break in that occurred at a home on East Hermitage Road Tuesday.

The victim stated that they had noticed noises from the attic earlier in the day but only thought it was birds or another animal. However, they added, after noticing markings on the back door they decided to call 911.

Emergency officers instructed the family to go outside and sit in the car until an officer arrived.  Reports stated that the husband proceeded get his gun and go back inside the home.  He proceeded to yell that he had a .38 and that police was on the way. The victim then stated he heard a man jump from the attic into the hall and run out of the door.

The victim told police that he fired three shots at the suspect as he ran way into the woods, missing all of them.

The suspect is described as a white male; about 6’2 and 140 pounds came from the attic and proceeded to run outside.  He was wearing a grey goodie, jeans and black shoes..