Ray Hunter Shortridge, 59 of White, was arrested this week after he allegedly pulled a firearm on a Starbucks employee in the drive-thru.  Reports stated that the altercation began over the price of a coffee.

Shortridge is charged with aggravated assault, possession of schedule II and drugs to be kept in original container.

The employee stated that Shortridge became enraged after they told him the price for the coffee was $2.25. When Shortridge pulled up he argued that the price should only be $1.50.

According to reports, “Once Mr. Shortridge pulled up to the window, he had an unknown type polished pistol with an unknown gold engraving on the slide in his right hand.  Mr. Shortridge’s finger was on the trigger and stated that, ‘The price would be $1.50, correct?'”

Shortridge eventually left the drive-thru window, and the employee was able to capture the man’s tag number displayed on the vehicle.