A recount was held Tuesday in the Chattooga County Tax Commissioner’s Race, and the numerous came out the same as last week, a nine vote win for Democrat Joy Cooper Hampton over Republican Rickey Hughes.

Hampton received 49.96% of the vote with 4,029 votes and Hughes received 49.85% of the vote with 4,020 votes.

According to local election officials, this only the fourth recount in the past 40 years in Chattooga County.


A recount has been ordered in Chattooga County after its tax commissioner race was decided by eight votes last Tuesday.  Democratic Candidate for Tax Commissioner Joy Cooper Hampton defeated Republican Rickey Hughes by the small number of votes.

According to Georgia election law, there must be a recount in that race.

Chattooga County Election Superintendent Jon Payne said that there were eight overseas ballots that could be considered in the race if they are received by today.

Normally, Friday would have been the deadline for the overseas ballots, but due to Friday being Veterans Day, the deadline was extended to today.  There are also nineteen provisional ballots that could play a roll in the recount.

Judge Payne said that the recount would likely be held on Tuesday.