According to reports, on Monday November. 1, 2016, Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd requested the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s (GBI) assistance in an investigation into the death of 21 month old Ella Grayce Pointer.

On Saturday, October 29, 2016, the police department requested a GBI agent to conduct crime scene processing.

As of today, the GBI is working alongside the police department to complete a thorough investigation that includes interviews and a number of other investigative acts.

The GBI said the autopsy examination for Pointer has been completed, however, at this time, the results are pending further forensic testing and details from the investigation.

Reports stated that Shellby Garner, the child’s mother, said she was working the third shift when she was notified of her daughter’s status.

Family members said that emergency officials worked on her before transporting her to a hospital. They reported that they were told that the child  sustained major brain injuries, major organ injuries and sexual abuse.

Police have not commented on those allegations as of yet.



The Polk County Police Department issued a statement Monday that said that on October 29, 2016 between 1:30 am and 2:00 am, the Polk County Police Department and E.M.S. personnel were dispatched to 45 Adamson Drive apartment number 19 in Cedartown to a child not breathing. Once on scene it was discovered that a 21 month on baby girl was not breathing and E.M.S. personnel began C.P.R. The baby was transported to the Polk County Medical center in Cedartown then airlifted to Egelston hospital in Atlanta. The child passed away on Sunday October 30, 2016 at approximately 4:46 pm. The baby was identified as Ella Grayce Pointer.

The Polk County Police Department Criminal Investigation Division along with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is currently investigating the cause of death. We are currently awaiting the results of the autopsy report from the G.B.I. crime lab as well as hospital records before an official cause of death can be made. There were two men with the baby at the time of the incident who have been interviewed. As we gather more information about the case another release will be done.

One of the men with the child at the time of the incident has been arrested for violation of his current probation conditions. He is identified as Dustin D. Putnal age 27.


Police stated that they are still investigating the circumstances around the death and additional charges are pending.


Polk County Police also added the following statement, “We have noticed a lot of angry statements that have been made on Facebook regarding the death of Baby Ella Pointer. We currently have 4 investigators assigned to this case as well as the G.B.I. Everything is being done to find out what happened to this precious child. Please remain calm and allow the investigative process to take place.”