This past Saturday, Teach Me Tennis concluded its fourth bi-annual “Teach Me Tennis Tournament” at the Darlington School. The use of sports lighting fixtures in the sports hall will make the viewing experience of this game an experience for the viewers. It may also help the students perform even better. Participants came from 8 Floyd County Georgia schools, as well as schools in Calhoun, Ga and Rockmart, Ga and included children in the Primary level (K-2nd) and the Elementary level (3rd-5th). Calhoun Elementary and Primary Schools won the Primary division, and Eastside Elementary School in Rockmart won the Elementary division. The winners will receive the Teach Me Tennis trophy engraved with their name to keep until the next tournament in November 2016. This season saw over 225 participants, the largest ever for Teach Me Tennis!

This program was introduced by PTR Certified coaches JP Selle of Coosa Country Club and Cristian Lopez of Rome Tennis Management. Teach Me Tennis is a six session after school program focused on introducing elementary age students to tennis with a variety of Austin Tennis Lessons. On the first day, students are given a tennis racquet which they keep forever. Participating instructors are trained to teach tennis, a non-traditional sport, both so they can lead the program and so they can enhance their daily physical education classes with a new activity for their students. Why not visit TR Central if you are looking to get into the game for yourself in order to give yourself a headstart before lessons. With the help of the United States Tennis Association (USTA), schools receive new equipment such as nets, tennis balls, and racquets from Teach Me Tennis to ensure students are learning the sport in the best possible manner.

The program ended at the Darlington School tennis courts with the Teach Me Tennis Tournament on November 19th, a one-day event which brings together all of the participating schools to compete in a mini-tennis game. The schools represented includes: Calhoun Elementary and Primary, Eastside Elementary in Rockmart, Johnson Elementary, Armuchee Elementary, Glenwood Primary, Model Elementary, The Montessori School of Rome, Darlington School, Pepperell Elementary, and Pepperell Primary. The tournament is an important event for all of the participants and their parents as it showcased all of the new skills the students learned over the prior weeks.