Learning, like everything else today, is going digital and the classroom that can provide access to the wealth of information available online to young learners will be at the top of the class.  To advance more classrooms in Floyd County Schools into the digital age, the system offered grants to teachers that would supply them with a classroom set of Chromebooks.

Floyd County Schools has announced the winners of the grants with 47 teachers earning a classroom set of Chromebooks to impact learning.  The teachers had to submit an application that explained how the Chromebooks would affect instruction and learning in the classroom. A panel of judges combed through the applications and selected the winning teachers based on those prepared to make the most impact on digital learning with their students.

William Carvajal, the Spanish teacher at Model Middle School, was one of the big winners.  “A set of Chromebooks will allow me to individualize instruction by creating hands-on activities and projects that match the educational needs of my students,” wrote Carvajal in his grant application. “They will also allow me to match instruction with the individual child as I will be able to provide every student an opportunity to get digital assignments that align with their level of proficiency or readiness.” Carvajal plans to have students create video diaries in Spanish, record their voices to check their performance in speaking Spanish, and store and access their work in a Spanish digital portfolio. Carvajal added, “Even though I feel my students are learning Spanish in my class every day, I feel they are missing a great deal by not being able to work on projects that require immediate access to the world wide web.”  


“This is just another step in the process for our school system to have an electronic device for learning always available for each student in our system,” commented Dr. John Jackson, superintendent of Floyd County Schools. “Digital learning is certainly the future and very prevalent in our world today and it is my goal to make those learning opportunities available to all students in every classroom in Floyd County Schools.”

The school system invested heavily in getting the system infrastructure in place to handle the internet traffic that would be required with every student having a digital device. Wireless internet access was significantly upgraded in the system last year using SPLOST funding increasing the number of Chromebooks that can be used in the classroom. Teacher training and support is also a major element in the success of a move to digital learning and has received additional system funding.  The system hired additional technology instruction specialists to help teachers incorporate digital learning into their classrooms and lesson plans. These specialists are in the classroom each day working with teachers to bring the best in digital learning to the classroom.

Emily Brownlow, a teacher at Armuchee Middle School, was another teacher selected to receive a set of Chromebooks. “My goal is a self-paced classroom where learning is meaningful and challenging to each student from bell-to-bell,” Brownlow wrote in her grant application. “Research shows that students who are challenged at their own current stage of learning remain more engaged in the learning.”

The Chromebook grants were awarded to teachers in the Armuchee, Coosa and Model area schools.  The Pepperell area schools did not participate in the grants because those schools have received funding from the state Striving Readers Grant that has purchased a large number of Chromebooks in those schools over the last two years.
Teachers selected as grant winners were:
Michael Baranick, Coosa Middle
Rebecca Suzanne Beaty, Garden Lakes Elementary
Donald Bettler, Armuchee High
Robert Bice, Model High
Pam Burgess, Floyd County Schools College and Career Academy
Heather Brand, Model High
Erin Brooks, Cave Spring Elementary
Emily Brownlow, Armuchee Middle
Charles Bryant, Model Middle
Leah Byrnes, Armuchee High 
William Carvajal, Model Middle
April Cumming, Glenwood Primary
Buffy Davis, Johnson Elementary
Ellen Dunn, Model High
Kippie Ellison, Armuchee Middle
Carol Estes, Johnson Elementary
Stacy Farrer, Garden Lakes Elementary
Robina Gallagher, Floyd County Schools College and Career Academy
Renee Gilreath, Garden Lakes Elementary
Nathan Goble, Coosa High
Deanna Hackney, Coosa Middle
Randy Haney, Coosa Middle 
Nicole Henderson, Floyd County Schools College and Career Academy
Stacy Henderson, Garden Lakes Elementary 
Mark Jones, Model High
Rachel Jones, Model High  
Carson Laye, Coosa High
Melissa Martin, Coosa Middle
Ryan McKinney, Model Middle
Emily Mowery, Armuchee High
Denise Newby, Johnson Elementary
Tracy Owens, Coosa Middle
Eric Plants, Armuchee High
Bridget Quigley, Glenwood Primary
Kimbrell Rayburn, Johnson Elementary
Chris Rhinehart, Coosa Middle  
Michelle Sanders, Garden Lakes Elementary
Michelle Sanford, Garden Lakes Elementary
Christina Shultz, Coosa Middle
Mandy Smith, Garden Lakes Elementary
Nancy Stallings, Model Elementary
Jenni Stansell, Armuchee Middle
Holly Sutton, Johnson Elementary
Kristen Tucker, Garden Lakes Elementary
Christi Turner, Garden Lakes Elementary
Sue Turnquist, Model Elementary
Angie Yancey, Model Elementary