Senior projects for honors students in Floyd County Schools begin to take shape this time of year.  For Coosa senior Ansley Terhune, the project is taking the shape of a crescent noodle with some cheese on top and will help provide Thanksgiving dinner for needy families in the community.  
Terhune decided to make her senior project a collection of food for needy families at Thanksgiving time. She worked with Action Ministries, a local nonprofit assisting needy families in the area, to put her efforts into the greatest need.  Action Ministries shared with her the need for more macaroni and cheese to go in their food boxes for the needy and Terhune’s senior project idea was born.  
“Stack the Mac” became the rallying cry as the Coosa senior enlisted the help of the students and staff at Coosa High to hold a macaroni and cheese drive.  Administrators at Coosa got involved by agreeing to dress-up in the kid’s favorite fall costumes if the drive collected more than the goal of 1,000 boxes of mac and cheese.  
Terhune designed a t-shirt with the slogan “Back in Black” to support Coosa High’s team colors and raise money for the food drive effort.   With the money raised from the shirt sales and the school collection of mac and cheese, the drive collected 1,348 boxes of the cheesy delight.  The mac and cheese was added to the Action Ministries food boxes to be provided to 46 families over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Some of the remaining boxes of mac and cheese were placed in the food pantry at Coosa High and the rest was donated to the pantry at Action Ministries.
Senior projects are required for students seeking to graduate with an Honors program seal from Floyd County Schools.  In addition to the senior project, students must have 12 honors or AP credits and have been enrolled in at least one honors or AP class each year in high school.