Calhoun police is seeking a suspect that is wanted for sexually battery at a CNA nursing school, as well as an armed robbery last week.

Reports stated that on Wednesday, November 9 a Hispanic male was robbed at gunpoint outside his home on Meadowbrook Road.  The victim said that the suspect, a black male of medium build and height, walked up to him and said that he had a gun under his shirt. He added that while he did not see a weapon he saw an object the shape of a gun pointed at him under his jacket.   The suspect fled on foot with a credit card and $80 in cash. The suspect was also wearing a boggin-type mask.

Then on Thursday, police were dispatched to a CNA nursing school on Professional Court to a call where a victim said that they found a female laying on the floor.  Officers searched the area and located a window panel in the door broke.

The victim reported that she heard a noise and when she went to see what it was a male grabbed her and slammed her head into a door. She said that the suspect was dressed in all black but did not know the race of the suspect.

Reports added that the victim’s pants were also unbuttoned and around her hips.  She reported that she had been sexually assaulted.

Authorities ask that anyone who might have witnessed anything suspicious in the area of Meadowbrook Apartments or Wexford Subdivision on Thursday morning around 8 a.m. or around CNA Nursing School of Calhoun after 5 p.m. Thursday evening to call Calhoun Police Department at 706-629-1234.