If your daily commute has you down, take heart. You don’t need to throw away this dreaded time as a wasteful necessity. With a little inspiration, you can turn it around and actually use your commute to make a few bucks. Read on for a few creative ways to make money each day just before and after that nine-to-five.

Be someone’s lifesaver. Make deliveries with Task Rabbit for others in your neighborhood who need something taken from point A to point B. Each day before commuting, search for delivery jobs that need to be accomplished. Any of them on your way?

Freelance Writing. No, you cannot write while you drive. But you can dictate. Whatever your expertise, there’s a company (or ten) whose corporate blog needs help. Not sure what to publish? Look to your hobbies, interests, and education. Dictate your advice into a free mobile app while you talk hands-free, and edit your oral content later from your home computer..

Give advice real-time while you drive. Want to give your unedited, unfiltered opinion to someone in real-time? Ether is an online advice-sharing network that lets users phone you (after paying you, of course) for advice.

Get paid to enjoy music. That’s right, Viggle will hook you up with your choice of retail rewards or hard cash simply for enjoying some good tunes.

Drive others around. Similar to TaskRabbit, Uber and Lyft are networks of folks who need something – a ride – and those who have something – a car. Sign up and check your daily route to and from the office regularly to see if anyone needs a lift at just the right moment for you to combine your commute with this money-making opportunity.

Be a mystery shopper – using phone calls. Instead of shopping at a store and reporting on things like friendliness of staff, complete displays, and volume of the music, Call Center QA lets you do the work from your hands-free phone.

Don’t stop making money after you’ve punched out. These creative ways to make money on your commute are just the beginning. For more information about each one, visit the original blog post here.


(This blog post originally appeared at www.mycvcu.org)