The Pepperell High School class of 2020 held a special “Handprint Pledge” ceremony on Wednesday, October 19 making a commitment to graduate in four years. The ceremony was held at 2:30 p.m. in the school’s auditorium with special speakers encouraging the class to stick it out until graduation. This is one of many efforts Pepperell and other county high schools are making to help teens reach the destination of graduation.  This is the tenth class to take the pledge at Pepperell High.

Marcus Holloway, a 2007 graduate of Pepperell High, addressed the class of 2020 and gave them advice on making the most of their four years of the high school. Holloway gave a demonstration on making decisions.  He invited a freshman on stage to make a choice between something the young man would have to drink.  There was one cup as a choice and another choice that would require the volunteer to drink three cups.  The freshman picked the one cup.  Holloway then revealed the one cup was full of mayonnaise and the three cups were filled with water.  “The easy choice is not always the right choice,” Holloway told the freshmen in attendance. 
He encouraged the young high school students to keep that in mind as they make choices that will impact their lives during their high school years.  “Decisions you make now will impact your life for many years after high school,” Holloway said. “The impact may be felt in college in a class you may struggle in because you did not give your best effort in high school or it could be in your career many years after school.” Holloway added, “That is why it is important to make good decisions now.”   

The freshman students all contributed handprints to seal the pledge to finish what they have started and graduate from high school. The handprints were printed on a large banner displayed on the auditorium stage during the ceremony. The large handprint banner will be placed on a wall at the school and taken down at graduation to hang behind the graduates as they participate in their graduation ceremony in 2020.