Floyd County Commissioners agreed on how to spend the one million dollars they are going to be given for backing bonds for Floyd Medical Center on Monday.  Back in February commissioners said that the money would be split with $500,000 going to the recreation department to help with scholarships and the other to the county’s health fund. However, that was not what was agreed upon Monday.

Commissioners agreed to pay $400,000 to the Recreation Department to alleviate costs for parents who cannot afford program fees. The Recreation Department will also get $100,000 to use for capital improvements. The remainder of the funds will go towards the county’s general fund, and not the county’s health fund.

Commissioners that voted “yes” stated that the county’s health fund did not need the funds because it already has a $4.1 million reserve.

County Commissioner Garry Fricks voted “no” on the proposal because he said that he had told everyone from the start that all $500,000 would go toward reducing fees for parents who cannot pay for fees.

Commissioner Irwin Bagwell was not at the meeting.