Dozens of people showed up at a town hall meeting on Wednesday to discuss the future of the Etowah Park skating park held by the Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation.

Those in attendance varied in age from teens to upper 50’s and ideas on what the park needed to thrive was discussed.

According to RFPRA director Kevin Cowling, the facility, which was built in late 1990’s, has not had any major renovations since its creation.  Cowling stated that a half-pipe recently had to be removed because of safety concerns from deterioration.

Almost everyone on hand agreed that the biggest issue was the paving.  Officials said that when the park was created the idea was to use it as a street hockey rink.  Other ideas discussed included new ramps, shaded seating, camps, and contest.

One attendee said that the park draws from all over the area following the closure of the Cartersville skate park.  They added that the closet park to the one in Rome is in Kennesaw.

Cowling said that the purpose of the meeting was to see what the community wanted in terms of the future of the park. He stated, “We can sit there and plan all day and look at pretty pictures, but if it’s not going to bring the kids to the park than there is no point in spending the money and time.”

For additional information you can contact Rome-Floyd County Parks and Recreation at 706-291-0766.