The City of Cedartown is rolling out a new way to communicate with water customers today.

New software will allow City Hall administration to notify water customers of past due accounts via telephone call — landlines or cells, or text message — cells only.

The notification system provides a way for the City to remind customers to keep their account current, avoiding water service cut off and delinquent charges.

“This program notifies a customer that they are past due on their account and that the past due amount must be paid by a specified date to avoid having water service terminated,” explained Assistant City Clerk Edward Guzman. “It’s our expectation that this program will reduce the number of delinquent accounts that are cut off each month.”

The notification system can also be used in the event of wide-spread water service disruption.

If you are a current City of Cedartown water service customer and you are not sure your contact information is up to date, call City Hall at 770-748-3220.