Unity Christian School received encouraging news over the summer regarding test scores and the college preparedness of recent graduates. Although the class of 2016 was only the school’s ninth graduating class, their performance on the ACT, SAT, and AP Exams far exceeded state and local averages in several areas. Their scores, combined with those of the current senior class, indicate a significant return on investment in academic growth for the local school.


The College Board released the AP School Scholar Roster in July, and 9 Unity Christian School students earned AP Scholar awards with 2 recognized as AP Scholars with Honor. The College Board’s Advanced Placement Program (AP) is designed to offer highly motivated students the opportunity to take college level courses while still in high school. These students can potentially earn college credit through high performance on annual AP exams.


Students are eligible to take AP Exams upon completion of individual AP courses. The exams are offered per subject with a score of 3 indicating a student to be qualified for college credit. A score of 3 or higher on three or more exams earns the distinction of AP Scholar. The title AP Scholar with Honor is awarded to students who receive an average grade of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken and grades of 3 or higher on four or more of the exams.


Unity Christian School has added additional AP courses each year for the last four years with an additional course to be added next school year. Current scores indicate that 84% of Unity students taking AP exams earn a score of 3 or higher. Their performance exceeds state and national averages by more than 20 percentage points. In the same group of students, 63% qualified as AP Scholars and multiple students scored a perfect 5 on all tests taken.


According to the school’s 2015-2016 Annual Donor Report, Unity’s academic accolades are not limited to Advanced Placement students. A review of ACT and SAT test score averages for the last three years shows a trend of excellent scores across the board. Overall, Unity graduates are exceeding state and national averages with 100% of 2016 graduates surpassing college readiness benchmarks on standardized testing. Top performers from recent graduating classes have scored in the top 1% (ACT), and top 7% (SAT) nationally.

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“We are committed to giving our students every opportunity to pursue their God-given potential. As a Christian school, we believe that we can provide excellence in spiritual formation and academic development without compromise. Our students are given the foundation they need to succeed in both college and career. They are prepared to impact the world for Jesus Christ,” said Eric Munn, head of school.