The Rome Alcohol Control Commission will take a look at not only issuing two new pouring licenses, but a proposed ordinance amendment as well during its meeting next week.

KCP Package at 1400 Dean Street is requesting a beer, wine and liquor license,  and the Downtown Tennis Center on West 3rd, along with the Tennis Center at Berry College is requesting a beer and wine pouring license.

The proposed ordinance change says, “that “an officer or employee of the city or of the county, or members of their immediate families” is prohibited from holding this license. Stone bridge Golf Course was exempted from the restriction over 20 years ago in order to allow a City of Rome employee to hold the pouring license at Stonebridge Golf Course. “


With the City of Rome now operating the old West 3rd Street Tennis Center and the new Rome Tennis Center at Berry College, and wanting the facilities pour beer and wine, it will be necessary to amend this section of the code to allow that to happen. We need to exempt these tennis facilities as we exempted Stonebridge Golf Course.

While we are discussing this code section, we need to also consider amending the restriction regarding the prohibition of family members of County employees.