Dr Raj Miniyar has announced that he is working with the Go Forward Foundation to invite everyone to join a morning of fasting and prayer on Saturday, September 10th, at 9:00 am to noon at the Rotary Plaza. Miniyar says, “The event aims to create a sense of awareness and hope for people who are oppressed, viewed as weak, marginalized, feeling hopeless and tired of watching the rich and powerful control everything.”
This peaceful event of fasting, prayer and meditation also serves as a prayer for those who like to oppress and torment the weak and as a way encourage them to act positively in the future with compassion and kindness. Go Forward Foundation aims to challenge and change the way society has become similar to how Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did.

A press release from Dr. Miniyar reads
We has become a society where the rich and powerful control everything. Those who have money think that they can do anything they want. The power of law doesn’t apply to them. They can suppresses the weak to gain what they want and use other people for their own benefit. The common people are working hard to make both ends meet and to live the life they have always wanted, but all their hard work is forgotten and trampled by those whose only concern is their own selfish gains.

The weak is getting more oppressed and marginalized and has no
voice to speak out and defend themselves from the rich and powerful who are constantly taking advantage of them. Their greed knows no limit and only keeps growing every day. CEOS of big and powerful companies are making millions, while common folks are struggling to pay their bills and sustain their needs. Just look at the recent infuriating story of Epipen CEO and 18 million dollars raise. This is just one incident out of many.
Go Forward Foundation wants to do its’ part to put an end to this kind of society and that’s why they have taken the step to organize a peaceful morning of fasting and prayer to give hope to the weak. Those who are willing to give 3 hours of their time for prayer and fasting on Saturday, September 10th, are encouraged to raise awareness about what’s happening to society today.
Go Forward Foundation hopes that the event will bring positive vibes and changes in the minds and hearts of those people and that everyone would take part in creating a safer, happier and more peaceful place where every individual can live without being burdened or suppressed. Those who want to join are encouraged to invite their friends and bring balloons and followers as well as posters of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or any of their personal heroes. This is the time to change the society and get rid of what has been plaguing the world and preventing people from living a happier life.

For more information, feel free to reach Dr. Raj Miniyar @ 1-844-DRMINIYAR.