Another animal rabies case has been confirmed in Polk County. The confirmation now brings the total to five for the year, and public health officials are urging pet owners to make sure their animals are vaccinated against the preventable, but fatal-if-not-treated, disease.  The most recent case was in the Rockmart area and involved a raccoon and a pet beagle.

“Rabies is regularly found in Polk County and always circulating in our wild animal population,” says the Polk County Health Department’s Environmental Health Manager Kathy Couey-Miller.  “Getting your pet vaccinated against rabies is the single best way to protect your pet from rabies.  It’s important to do it for their protection, for our protection and because it’s state law.”

Polk County had one animal rabies case in 2015, three in 2014, none in 2013, three in 2012, five in 2011 and eight in 2010.


Polk County residents can contact the Polk County Health Department’s Environmental Health Office at 770-749-2253 for more information.

Residents can visit the Northwest Georgia Public Health website at for county-specific animal rabies data for the ten-county Northwest Health District, which includes Polk County, as well as information on rabies precautions.   Residents can also visit for comprehensive rabies information.