Ashley Marie Naiser, 26 of White, has been arrested and charged with robbing a Cartesville convenience store. Reports stated that Naiser robbed the Sunoco on Highway 411 back on June 30th with a gun.  The store cashier said that Naiser came behind the counter and pointed a gun at her.

The cashier also told police that after she refused to give the suspect the money she fell to the floor and grabbed her around the legs.  It was then Naiser hit the employee several times on the back of the head.   As a result, the victim told police that she told Naiser to ‚Äútake a bag beside the register containing lottery money.” That bag, the report notes, contained roughly $2,000. After taking the money she fled the scene.

Naiser was later found and arrested in Sandy Springs.  During her arrest, she was found with a companion, Johnny Dewayne Moore, who was also arrested on a probation warrant.

Naiser was also charged with drug possession after a gram of heroin was found inside her purse.