Christopher Lee Sartin, 39 of Rome, was arrested this week after he allegedly stalked a female victim. Reports stated that on July 5, Sartin went to the victim’s home and knocked on her bedroom window.

Reports went on to say  that the victim had advised Sartin to leave her alone, but instead has continued to make unwelcomed contact though various means.  They added that the victim and Sartin had been in a relationship until approximately two months ago.  Reports  said that on July 4th, Sartin left flowers at the victim’s home. Later he tried to communicate though electric means by commenting on an “open window on the victim’s vehicle and leaving flowers at the victim’s residence.”

Sartin had been previously found guilty of stalking from a July 2000 incident.  He has also been charged with simple assault and hindering a 911 call in 2014.

Sartin is charged with stalking, 2nd or subsequent conviction.