According to Redmond Regional Medical Center President and CEO John Quinlivan an appeal is being planned by Redmond Regional Medical Center after the state rejected its application to open an 18 bed psychiatric and substance abuse hospital.

This comes after the hospital withdrew an application in 2014 for a 31 bed unit.

Officials said that Redmond is ready to spend close to $3 million on renovation of the fifth floor of its hospital to accommodate the patients.

The hospital said that it had the support of local advocacy groups such as the National Association of Mentally Ill, along with Northwest Georgia Highland Rivers and Lookout Mountain.

Redmond said that over 3,700 adults left the 15-county Northwest Georgia service region for inpatient psychiatric treatment in 2014.

The state argued that the current providers in the region, Floyd Medical Center and Hamilton Medical Center did not run at full occupancy and thus was not a need for the additional unit.

Floyd Medical Center filed objections against Redmond’s applications.