Christopher Dale Hudgins, 31 of Rome, was booked into the Floyd County Jail Tuesday on numerous charges including extortion, fraud, theft and participating in street gang activity.  Reports said that Hudgins, a member of the Ghost Face gang, contacted a victim and posed as a police officer and in the process extorted over $900 when he told them that they would be arrested for missing jury duty.

Reports went on to say that Hudgins allegedly then used a family member to launder the money and sent it back to him in prison.  Hudgins then defrauded the victim into purchasing two Green Dot cards, one for $500 and another for $433 for him.

Police said that he then attempted to extort $998 from an undercover police officer by saying he was First Captain Scott Knight with the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office.  He then the undercover officer and told them to obtain two Green Dot cards for $499 each or he would have them arrested for contempt of court and failure to appear. Reports added that Hudgins, who was in possession of a cell phone while incarcerated at Autry State Prison, continued to make numerous calls to citizens of Floyd County in an attempt to extort them out of money.

Hudgins is charged with impersonating a public officer, four counts of financial transaction card fraud, use of communication facility to commission a felony involving controlled substance,  two counts of theft by taking, two counts of theft by extortion (threat to injure person), two counts participate in a street gang, two counts identity fraud, and theft by deception.