Floyd County E-911 is requesting that all owners of livestock in Floyd County contact Floyd County E-911 to ensure that we are able to quickly contact you in the event that there is an emergency involving your livestock.  In 2016 we have received 210 calls to 911 regarding livestock at large.  When we receive these calls, police are dispatched due to the inherent traffic safety issues, however these incidents are quickly resolved when we know to whom the animals belong and are able to make contact with the owner or caretaker.

“Problems arise when we are unable to identify the owner.  Officers can stay on scene for hours going door-to-door in an attempt to locate an owner or someone who knows the owner, and 911 can spend hours making multiple phone calls to potential owners in an attempt to find someone to take control of the animals,” said John Blalock with Floyd County 911.


If you own livestock in Floyd County, we ask that you either call or e-mail us and provide the types of livestock you own, where they are located, and good contact information should an emergency arise.  You can e-mail us at [email protected] or call us during business hours at 706-236-4543.