An Armuchee couple was stuck on each other from the beginning at the Armuchee High prom this year.  That may have been literal as the two wore prom outfits they fashioned from Duck Tape.  Now the two are hoping their creativity will win the $10,000 scholarship prize from the Duck Tape company.  Kiana Mata, class of 2017 at Armuchee High, and Fernando Espinal, a 2014 graduate of Armuchee, were selected in the top 10 for their fashion sense and design by Duck Tape from 89 nationwide entries of Duck Tape attire.  The Armuchee pair now needs community votes for their tape dream to become a reality.

Mata and Espinal are featured on the Duck Tape contest website and votes will determine the ultimate winner of the contest.  You may vote one time each day through July 6, 2016, on the website.  The contest site features photos of each finalist in their Duck Tape prom attire along with a description of how they decided on their design, how many rolls of Duck Tape it took to create the outfits and how long they spent on the project.  It took 65 rolls of tape and 172 hours of work to create the outfits for Mata and Espinal.

The Armuchee couple wanted to display a connection with their cultural background so they designed their tape clothing with a Spanish culture theme. The suit has a matador look and the dress is based on the Spanish flamenco.  The two took their inspiration from the holiday Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).  The Mexican celebration honors those who have departed.  According to their description on the contest website, the Day of the Dead theme is most evident in the skull image on the dress and the suit’s matador cape.  The two also incorporated the symbolic marigold on the front of the dress and on the shoes.

On the contest website, the two wrote, “While the creation process posed a challenge, our ultimate goal to celebrate life, culture, and our pride for being unique was achieved.”

To vote for Mata and Espinal, go to the website, click on VOTE NOW at the top of the page and click on the picture of the Armuchee pair. To record your vote, click the blue “Vote for Me” tab underneath the description of the tape attire.