Close to 100 people turned out to a candlelight vigil at the Joint Law Enforcement Center to show support to those involved in last weekend’s nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida.

Traci Ball, of Rome said, “My heart breaks for all the moms that lost their children in Orlando and for all the moms who lost their children because they wouldn’t accept them. Love them for who they are not who you  want them to be.”

According to event organizer Jesse Reed, “We had about 200 until the rain came. At least 75 stayed and we gave our speeches through the pouring rain. It was an incredible experience I won’t soon forget.”

“The fact that we had so many people stayed despite the downpour showed what the event meant to people.  People were laying their hearts out and doing everything we could to honor those lives lost. It shows the importance of how evil acts can affect the lives of people thousands of miles away, added Reed.

Speakers included: Berry College professor Jeffery Lidke, Seth Smith, Instructional Services Librarian at Berry College Stephen Head, local writer Erin De Mesquia, Pastor Undra Finley, Berry College student ministry director Erin Faith Moniz, and professor John Hickman and Terri Morgan.

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