It is small now, but as the little tree planted at the entrance of Glenwood Primary grows, it will bring to mind the contributions of Christie Mooney and Marsha Coleman to the children and community of Glenwood.  A ceremony to honor the two educators was held just after lunch on Wednesday and included family, friends, and former students of the two dedicated educators lost to a car accident early last September just after the beginning of the school year.
The two had only a month before welcomed a new kindergarten class to the new school year. Christie Mooney, a kindergarten teacher, and Marsha Coleman, her class parapro, were on one of their regular outings together when the accident happened that devastated the Armuchee/Glenwood community. “They were as close as sisters and would regularly go out to eat together on the weekend,” commented Jill Shepherd, principal of Glenwood Primary.
Former students of Mooney and Coleman, from graduating seniors sitting in chairs marked for the Class of 2016, to the children from this year’s group, the Class of 2028, gathered to honor their beloved teachers at the ceremony.  There were a lot of tears from children, teachers and friends as they recalled the fun times and the tremendous loss felt by each in attendance.

Mac McCurry, pastor at Pleasant Valley North, addressed the group during the ceremony. “As this tree grows that is in memory of them, and in honor of them, I think about these students in front of us, how they are going to grow up influenced by Ms. Mooney and Ms. Coleman and touched by them in a special way,” McCurry said. “Just as each of us has been touched by them and blessed by them.”