What were the experiences of Benjamin Franklin’s childhood?  How did Steph Curry become such a great shooter in basketball?  These are some of the questions answered for visitors to Michelle Clay’s third-grade class at Pepperell Elementary on Thursday, May 18 as her students portrayed displays in a live wax museum of famous people.
The students learned interesting information about the person they selected and dressed in character for the visitors to the classroom.  The young actors started out playing frozen wax figures on display but when the visitors pushed a button on the children they would come to life with interesting information about their selected famous person.  “When I was 15, my brother started the first newspaper in Boston, the New England Courant and I sold it on the street for money,” said Haven Casey, a third-grader at Pepperell who was portraying Benjamin Franklin.  He added, “I ran away to Philadephia in 1723 and ran a bookstore and print shop.”
Famous people portrayed by students in the wax museum included: Abraham Lincoln, Sacagawea, Stephen Curry, Beyonce’, Amelia Earhart, and more.  Students from other classes at Pepperell Elementary took turns touring the wax museum and learning about the famous people.  The students in Ms. Clay’s class became their teacher. “It is really interesting to see what these children do with this lesson,” commented Clay. “You can just see that some of these children will make great teachers one day.”