Floyd County is looking at several proposals for the future of the Recycling Center.

One has the site moving to the Walker Mountain Landfill. That would cost an estimated $5.45 million. Another proposal would be to upgrade its existing North Rome location at a price tag of $3.15 million.

The issue at hand is where to get the funds. The recycling center was only granted $1.4 million of funds from the 2013 SPLOST.

The proposal to have the site mote to Walker Mountain could also see a partnership between the county and a private business, which would oversee the operations.

They would leave a drop-off site at Watters Street.

City Commissioner Bill Collins said that he would like to see the county put out requests for partnership proposals.

County Commissioner Irwin Bagwell said that funds to move the recycling center could come from selling bonds or borrowing money from the landfill fund.

The Solid Waste Commission meets again on July 26.