The Americanism Committee of the Exchange Club of Rome will debut a replica of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier this Memorial Day on Monday, May 30th at the Coosa Valley Fairgrounds.  According to Bill King, Chairman,Americanism Committee of the Exchange Club of Rome, “the beauty of this tomb replica is that it does not and will not be in a permanent position.”


The tomb was designed and built by Burkhalter Builders headed by Philip Burkhalter who is also a member of the Exchange Club, so that it could be moved and shown at various places as they cleverly built into it retractable wheels.


All of the intricate carving was done by local Master artist Mr. Chuck Schmult. All of the images on the tomb were carved by him. He is also the artist that painted the murals inside the city clock.


The tomb itself is exactly half size of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery and weighs approximately 400 to 500 pounds. Once finished the cost of the team will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 8500 to $9,000 and all of this money came in from donations.


The group asks that if people would like to donate to help maintain and keep the Tomb replica in good traveling conditions they may do so in one of two ways.


The first way would be to simply make either a cash or check donation to The Exchange Club Americanism committee. Checks can be made to the Exchange Club Foundation for the tomb replica.