Just a few midweek thoughts. I’ll start with the Atlanta Hawks. They had this series in hand coming out of Atlanta up two games to none. Twice they were in position to take a game in Boston and take a seemingly unsurmountable 3-1 lead in the series. Twice they failed. That allowed the Celtics back into the series. I think the Hawks still win this thing but it may go seven games which means anything could happen. The way stars are falling to injury in these playoffs, survive and advance and who knows where it could lead. It would be nice if some Georgia based team would actually win something for change.
The Atlanta Braves are losing games at a rate that is either incredible, laughable or embarrassing. Or perhaps all of the above. I’ve been saying for two months this was going to happen, that this was the worst roster the Braves have ever assembled in Atlanta. Trust me folks, this is not going to get noticeably better at any point this season. In fact, this could be the best part of the season for the Braves before the pitching staff begins to wear down and they begin losing 8-1 instead of 1-0.
The NFL draft is this week. As a Falcon’s fan, I go into each draft with the highest of hopes. I come out of each draft slightly disappointed but thinking Atlanta did at least okay in the draft overall, and then realize as the season nears that somehow there are still a plethora of holes in the roster again. Hey Falcons, here is a little hint going into this draft. The best conference in ALL of college football by a large margin is the SEC. The SEC consistently puts more players in the NFL and the pro-bowl than ANY other conference. Now, read my lips as I whisper this. DRAFT FROM THE FREAKING SEC! There is too much defensive dominance in the SEC for you to be looking for some cornerback from the University of Maine or some linebacker from Ohio State. Keep it simple, stupid.
As a Gator fan, I have to take this opportunity to point out that the University of Florida currently has nine sports competing. ALL nine of them are ranked in the top ten in their sport’s respective rankings. Let that sink in for a minute. ALL NINE SPORTS ARE IN THE TOP TEN! From time to time I’ll hear some misguided Gator fan whine about athletic director Jeremy Foley. I just shake my head and figure every fan base has them. Here is a look at the sports the Gators are participating in at the particular point in the year and their ranking in that sport.
No. 1 Baseball
No. 1 Softball
No. 1 Women’s Tennis
No. 2 Lacrosse
No. 2 Men’s Track
No. 5 Women’s Track
No. 6 Women’s Golf
No. 9 Men’s Golf
No. 9 Men’s Tennis
That, my friends, is dominance. I will concede that football is the driving force in college football especially in the south. And I will give Alabama the credit due for their domination of that sport in recent years. But, when it comes to collegiate athletics in general, the Florida Gators are the standard bearers of the SEC. Go Gators.