Cartersville police said that Jerome Lavar Milner, 36 of Douglasville, was arrested this week after calling 911 for help.  Reports said that Milner called to report an armed robbery but ended up in handcuffs himself after being charged with obstruction, battery and disorderly conduct.

Reports said that when they arrived to the call they found Miner “very paranoid” and said that he thought “they were out to get him.”

After attempting to calm Milner down he reportedly became irate and demanded to be arrested and taken to jail. Reports added that he attempted to open the door and place himself in the parol car numerous times.

After being handcuffed Milner reportedly asked to be let out so that he could call someone to pick him up.  When police obliged he attempted to run away while still handcuffed.  After being caught he allegedly began to fight with again officers.