The Rome Public Works Committee said that will they make a recommendation to the City to close a part of Crane Street between East 18th and East 19th Streets.  The committee said that the road has served as a dumping area for residents. They added that by closing the section developers of the new William S. Davies homeless Shelter will not have to add a curb and gutter to part of the street.

The also agreed to recommend a speed limit for Broad Street. The new speed limit would be 20 miles per hour between Second and Sixth Avenue. The current speed is set at 25 miles per hour.

A grant has also been applied for to develop a new lighted crosswalk that would go from Redmond Regional Hospital to the Harbin Clinic Specialty Center.  The project is expected to  cost close to $36,000 with the grant making up 70 percent. The City of Rome, Redmond and Harbin Clinic would then split the remaining cost.