For the past few days social media has been ablaze with talks on parking in downtown Rome.  As a result, the Convention and Visitors Bureau released the following statement on Wednesday.

The City of Rome strives to consistently provide outstanding services for citizens and those visiting Rome and would like to provide clarity on the local parking ordinances that have recently gained some attention.

The current on-street parking ordinance and enforcement signage was established by the City of Rome in 1998 and limits on-street parking to 2-hours per day. Enforcement of on-street parking allows for a higher turn-over of parking spaces to increase parking for businesses and visitors. The city also provides ample off-street spaces for those who need long-term parking.

Off-street parking is available at several downtown locations and include, 3rd Avenue parking deck adjacent to The Forum, W. 6th Avenue parking deck two blocks from The Forum, and W. 4th Ave. parking deck located at the corner of E. 1st St.

Given that downtown Rome is currently at over 95% occupancy, it is a thriving downtown! With over 3000 employees and only 300 on-street parking spaces, parking downtown can be a limited resource; and the enforcement of these spaces is critical to the vitality of downtown.

Elaine Abercrombie manager of Greene’s Jewelers recognizes the need for parking restrictions. “We have always been in support of local parking ordinances to ensure there is ample parking for everyone who wants to do business in Rome.”

Bob Bloomberg owner of Johnny’s Pizza echoed the sentiment. “Parking turnover is a necessity that enables everyone an equal opportunity to experience all that downtown has to offer.” Bloomberg added that because of limited on-street parking, many business owners promote deck parking and even provide vouchers for free parking.

As always, the City of Rome welcomes and encourages citizen involvement in creating a better city. Becky Smyth, City of Rome Parking Manager, is happy to speak with anyone directly regarding downtown parking and options: 706-236-4458.