A two week alcohol license suspension was approved for El Patron Sports Bar by the Rome City Commission Monday. The sports bar, located on Redmond Circle, was cited by police for allowing alcoholic drinks to be served past 2 am back in February. Police also said during a loud music complaint in early March they found a manager intoxicated while on duty.

“We want business to be here, but not irritate the surrounding community in the process”  City Commission Milton Slack said.

The approval means that the bar will not be able to serve alcohol Thursday, March 31-Wednesay, April 13.

A $500 fine was also ordered.

Chris Jackson, attorney for El Patron, said, “I’m here to ask for leniency for the amount of time that we are looking at for the punishment. They have had some problems over the past year and a half. However, since the latest management group took over, they have gone out of their way to fix many of these issues, including regarding the sound complaints.” Jackson added, “I think the after hour alcohol sales came as a result of people purchasing more alcohol than they can consume.”

“With a two week shutdown the establishment is likely to not only lose staff, but patrons,” Jackson said.

Rome Mayor Jamie Doss finished with, “Please convey to your clients that if there are any more problems in the future it will not be good for the business.”