Rome City Schools hosted members of AdvancED this week in review of their system’s accreditation. After reviewing its schools and system the group recommend accreditation with distinction for performances above average.

According to officials, Rome City School’s overall score was close to 70 points higher than the world average. The system received an overall score of 340.24 vs the average score of 282.79.

The system’s teaching and learning impact was scored at 319.84, vs an average of 274.14. For ts leadership Rome City scored 362.50 vs an average of 296.08. In the category of usage of resources Rome City scored 360.42 vs an average of 286.32.

Floyd County Schools also ranked above average with a score of 297.56 in its AdvancED review last week, close to 23 points lower that Rome City.

During the review process AdvancED conducted interviews with administrators, teachers, parents, and students along with watching daily activities in the schools.