The Rome Alcohol Control Commission approved a beer package and pouring license for Georg Hubenthal and his Foundry Growler Station. The business, which will be at the former Etowah Employment office on North 5th Avenue, will be the first in Rome to pour alcohol from a tap into containers that are then sealed for later consumption.

Hubenthal said plans are to be open by June. He added that he hopes to have 20 craft beers at the site ready to go at the time of opening.

The ACC also approved a request from the DDA for public consumption of alcohol during a July 2 block party.

A beer package license was also approved for Smita Pradhan Pahari at Sonoco located on Maple Street.

The ACC also heard from Lee Bagley, who is looking to open a restaurant on Glenn Milner Boulevard near the Heritage Hall campus of Georgia Highlands College. He sought information regarding a pouring license near a school. The ACC says that beer must be served at least 600 feet from a school. However, the proposed site is 710 feet from the school on one side, but only 540 feet from the other.

Bagley was told that there was no wiggle room and as a result he would have to consider a change to his layout.